New analytics tools for booking engines

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As a meta search, OpenBooking unites an unlimited number of booking engines on its platform. But how do our customers measure their performance? Therefore we created four new intuitive widgets within the OpenBooking dashboard. Our customers will see in detail which booking providers and types of accommodation are the most popular.

This allows conclusions to be drawn about the company's own position and the list of providers. The demand on your own website can differ from the real tourism office or other booking channels. In addition, these evaluation improves the comparison between analyzed query behavior and final bookings within the destination.

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Get accurate metrics about the calls made by your booking providers. Review their performance and decide how you can improve based on your statistics. If a vendor is behind, you can point it out and work together on a solution. How do the accommodations of this booking platform present themselves and why is there a difference to the other providers? An overall distribution to all used providers is given by OpenBooking in percent at the same place.

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This evaluation refers to the period you have selected and the selection can be customized. Due to the time-limited definition, you analyze seasonal changes in a very professional way. Identify technical bottlenecks or usability weaknesses of your web application.

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Next to the booking providers, you also analyze the differences between your offered types of accommodation. With these numbers, you can tailor your website to the needs of your online guests by each season. Your website does not have to act identically to your tourist office or other international booking platforms. Examine the distribution of your accommodation searches. Are there any tag-specific differences and does the distribution influence the booking behavior of your guests? With some OpenBooking customers, it has become clear that the quality of the offers is very important. Even a few offers of one category can outnumber many thousands of another in clicks.

All evaluations are available in seconds and across all your booking platforms. Forget cumbersome Excel spreadsheets and day long evaluation formulas after office closure. With OpenBooking, you have all the detailed figures at a glance and in a comfortable interface. Already today you have everything in a few seconds for a successful season or annual report.

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