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Zurich, 7-12-16 - Due to the ever-increasing number of its customers, OpenBooking has more and more gotten into contact with their agencies and freelancers. In individualized workshops, we got to know new perspectives on our interface. It was time for a relaunch of the OpenBooking documentation.

With the current solution, we have revised our interface portfolio. A meta search is driven by steady development!

The new portal

Since October the relaunched developer portal now is officially located on the OpenBooking website The existing but extensive documentation of the interface lost ground to a manageable division. In many workshops we have recognized the needs of agencies and freelancers. A quick overview must also exist for our potential decision-makers. The overall findings went 100% in the new developer portal.

Our new documentation platform has been designed for 4 areas:
  1. Public interface reference
  2. Professional test environment
  3. Editorial guides for easy access
  4. Your personal developer dashboard with user account

Positions for the corresponding target group

When one enters our new developer portal, we are leading the way for decision-makers or professional developers. Decision-makers simply choose our documentation or the guide. The experienced developers can already cut short here and register their individual API access. Afterwards, one will be taken to our OpenBooking play ground(sandbox).

You need any help? Within the OpenBooking developer portal you have access to our various support channels at any time. The OpenBooking support team is only one click away.

The public API documentation has been tidied up for simplification. We have gathered the most important facts from numerous conversations with customers and agencies. A clever navigation optimizes the public documentation. There is a time-saving access to the getting-started, the ready-to-go responsive white label solution and the supported booking platforms. Advanced developers will find the API explorer, as well.

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Are you beyond the initial analysis and want to see OpenBooking in action? Visit our partners Crans-Montana Tourism and Zermatt Tourism. Here you can see our responsive white-label solution and the individual interface integration. If you just want to try our interface, start with our API Explorer. After a short login in the individual developer account you manage your own API keys.

Documentation is too boring for you? Sometimes it is similar to us. For this reason, we have translated a lot into editorial articles in the "Guides" section. We will give you a guided getting-started into our professional Javascript SDK and show you how to make OpenBooking even more comprehensive by using micro-services (Hooks). We hope you enjoy reading.

Decision with tourism organizations in mind

As a meta search, OpenBooking is driven by its many individual interfaces to the leading booking platforms. Over time, we were increasingly receiving inquiries from smaller platform providers. OpenBooking has decided to launch a public import interface. All suppliers of accommodation master data and availability can feed their data into the OpenBooking system free of charge. With this step, OpenBooking is able to meet its excellent reputation as an availability metasearch. If small vendors had previously avoided the connection for monetary reasons, they would thus receive an additional lucrative sales channel.

Connected tourism organizations benefit from this adjustment in several ways. They get an even greater availability volume and a considerably increased target group through advanced SEO measures. Save up to 90% compared to an individual platform integration. Let your suppliers easily deliver the master data and availability. OpenBooking customers pay only the favorable standard setup.

OpenBooking will continue to provide its customers with a free professional agency workshop at the Zurich location.

Author: Christian Namberger
Christian Namberger

Christian has been working for PIXELTEX for over 5 years. As a professional IT specialist for application development, he started as a flash developer. After many years as a software developer and project manager, he changed to account management for our tourist partners. Today, Christian is responsible for marketing and communication with OpenBooking clients.

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