OpenBooking updates to HTTP/2

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From now on, OpenBooking is counting on the current HTTP version 2. HTTP/2 is intended to speed up the data transfer and make things more secure. All current web browsers support HTTP2.

What is HTTP/2?

The HTTP 1.1 protocol uses multiple connections to load the components of a site. Also pictures and other files. In HTTP/2, OpenBooking data is retrieved in parallel (multiplexing), which results in a real acceleration. The white label interface is much more faster. So far popular techniques were file compression and image sprites. An additional plus of speed is provided by the standardized compression of the connection.

HTTP/2 is used to sort the data packets by importance. The web browser decides itself which information are important for a fast page. With the new server push files, such as javascript and stylesheets can be delivered from the server without a previous client request.

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The influence on SEO is great. A faster OpenBooking connection gets a better ranking on search engines. Google rewards reduced file numbers like CSS and Javascript. This effort will be reduced in the future by prioritizing the file content. A well-known study has shown that reducing the time of loading by 1 second can result in an increased conversion rate of 27%.


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